Illegal Frequencies

The effects of the frequencies seemed to be diminishing with Rizmore shooting up on Monday mornings. The rest of the week was a clear shot as Rizmore slowly started to get his life together, in spite of the frequencies.

Amazingly - so far - Rizmore did not become addicted to the deadly drug.

While flying every Monday morning on heroin he was able to identify and confront that one illegal frequency. The one that was modulating his life for the worst. The one keeping Rizmore from being all he could be. The frequency was that of Mr. Kapottee, his dead father. The Gypsy Prudence was right!

The heroin problem became acute as time went on. Mr. Kapottee’s influence seemed to wane as the heroin influence gained. Rizmore’s desire to admonish his father remained unquenched. He couldn’t let go of seeing his father only with the use of heroin. Heroin translated into having a Mr. Kapottee residual effect on Rizmore. Rizmore, more intense on a continuing confrontation with his father. That was the high.

Rizmore ignored the gains he made intellectually and artistically. He upped his heroin pops to three times a week. Mr. Kapottee took the abuse with hidden glee and cleverly expanded and then retracted his offensive. He loved the fact that his useless son was turning into a heroin junkie. In death he continued to be a sadistic fuck.

Now at the “Crosspoint,” Rizmore was stuck there. “Crosspoint” can best be described in visual terms as the frozen point or video frame in time when one video image dissolves into another video image. Both are visible.  Rizmore was stuck physically and intellectually between two worlds.

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