Illegal Frequencies

SoHo residents did not realize Rizmore was just eccentric and shy. The writer reflected in his article the SoHo community theory Rizmore possessed a “deep sense of artistic remorse and foreboding which translates into his work, which source of same remains unknown”

The one thing in the artistic community everyone knows: A successful artist must also have the talent of a savvy and sharp business mind. That is essential. Rizmore was not aware and certainly not capable of that essential qualifier. Unfortunately, there was nobody in the fledgling community of the arts willing to become Rizmore’s patron. After a short time, Rizmore abandoned Soho.

He retreated to Red Hook and artistic obscurity.


Back in Red Hook full time, Pebbles was gone and Rizmore rejoined the daily orbit of the Gypsy Prudence. That’s when Rizmore met her cousin Ricardo. He was a Bronx junkie and drug dealer. Ricardo was hiding from not only the cops, but from his wholesale heroin suppliers as well. He’d made too many wrong moves that may lead to his death or jail.

Ricardo was not the sharpest syringe in the Heroin Kit. Strangely, he and Rizmore hit it off and became unconventional running buddies. To escape the frequencies, Ricardo turned a reluctant Rizmore on to shooting up heroin.

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