Illegal Frequencies


Rizmore struck out of his home environment. He decided to experiment with hanging out in SoHo. He crashed at the Comet Hotel flophouse on The Bowery. This, before that downtown milieu was a popular Artist colony. Rizmore soon gained a tepid acceptance from the growing SoHo alternative artistic community.

But success and recognition were not to be.

Rizmore’s collections of weird objects and the montages he developed were quite unique.  Participation in high school shop classes is one of the only influences, besides his fathers' admonishments, he had retained.

One freelance columnist, writing for an early incarnation of The Soho Weekly News, observed:

“There is a street artist who goes by the moniker of ‘Rizmore.’ He displays his street art on West Broadway. Rizmore does not let the hustle and bustle of the weekday SoHo street commercial trade bother him. He is operating on a lower level of abstraction as is seen in his art. Rizmore’s naive disregard for verbal communication for the sake of his art is quite refreshing.”

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