Illegal Frequencies

Ripe for CLAPs and YMCAs.


Rizmore Kapottee lived in the same rent controlled apartment he had shared with his parents all his life. His parents both gone, Rizmore survived on their life insurance benefits. The payment in the form of a small monthly annuity.

Charlie Cantonni aka “Pebbles” was Rizmore’s best friend. Best buddies since their days back at the old PS 69. That’s the present location of the new building with those million dollar condos, two blocks from here.

Pebbles earned his nickname because when asked a question, he would shake his head, stop and wait a few seconds. He’d then come up with some outlandishly stupid response. People swore they could hear the pebbles shaking around inside his empty numb skull.

Pebbles and Rizmore had no other friends. Both were pushed through the NYC Board of Education system and graduated High School with General Diplomas (attendance awards.)

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