Illegal Frequencies

Their mission was to find those dark and dingy “Dive Bars” to meet the neighborhood elders. They sought those original Brooklynites who held the oral history of their newly adopted neighborhood. That’s where they found Mickey McDougall. He was a long time neighborhood resident alcoholic and former playwright. The perfect person to spin the tale of “Illegal Frequencies” for the two metrosexual urban homesteaders.

As long as they bought Mickey drinks.

The two trust fund baby twenty-something-year-old CLAPS (Caucasian Liberal Asshole Progressives) love living in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Savoring and celebrating the discoveries of the past while entertained by the colorful “original” locals.  This is their attempt to blend into the original fabric of the neighborhood.  Their quest for acceptance.

This urban wasteland Red Hook was forgotten until the Brooklyn Millennial Renaissance gained momentum.  You see, Williamsburg was overrun with YMCA’s (Young Metrosexual Caucasian Assholes.)  But they kept on coming to gentrify more and more of Brooklyn. All eyes were now on Red Hook.

Red Hook was always a poverty stricken, tough and neglected neighborhood. It became even more neglected when it was isolated and cut off by the building of the Gowanus Expressway in the 1950’s.

So much Red Hook urban decay existed, it needed an urban root canal.

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