the monster’s chiseled jaw clench and powerful body wind up, but I didn’t know where he was going to land the blow. Besides, he had a knack for mixing it up, keeping it a guessing game. I tried to amuse myself by guessing how many correct locations I could get in a row. As a result, I forget the questions he asks before each shot, which in turn wins me more shots. Damn, my ribs hurt. The broken ones feel as if they’re punching holes through my lungs and I can’t breathe. He pauses to remove his dress shirt. I guess using me as a punching bag is taking its toll on him, probably wishful thinking since I don’t think he’s even broken a sweat.

“Although I was hoping for better results to report, you and this vixen have left us little recourse.” He takes a step closer. “Do you have any final requests?”

"Maybe give your gorilla a banana and can use him to sight it in."

then removing a key from his trouser pocket. After a quick glance back to me, he proceeded to unlock the door. I reacted.

I allocated a swift swing to full unconsciousness. Relatively quiet.

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