If You Could Fly

As I enter the well-lit flat, a gentle breeze caresses my face from the direction of the balcony. I don’t remember leaving the window open, and my husband is at work.

Not caring about closing the front door, I walk closer to the bedroom to see what’s happening. I drop the grocery bags, and my heartbeat triples, like I received an electric shock. James is standing outside on the balustrade, barefooted and half naked, wearing only jeans. If he stepped forward, he would fall to the street, without anything stopping him. From the seventh floor, that would mean instant death.

I pinch myself to make sure I’m not hallucinating. But no, I’m not.

“Honey? Everything’s all right, darling?”

He stands still.

“Honey, whatever is wrong we can solve it. Please, come in,” I say, trying to create a reassuring atmosphere.

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