Hollowed Out

Roberson coughed up blood.


“That’s right.  How does a massage machine resemble a bomb?  It was specifically designed for her, but in the raid, it was you who threw it against the wall.  I saw you through the window.  You smashed it.  Cut it off ‘at the neck’ as Bill put it.”

Roberson felt himself weakening.  He leaned against his wall.  Fished for his cell phone in his pocket, but it wasn’t there.  He eyed the TV tray.  The Call of Duty screen sat paused.

“So I cut your friends off at the neck.  They had something to lose.  Bundrage had a girl.  And Marcum had the same girl.  Bet you didn’t know that.  I know you guys are trained but it’s amazing how easy it can be to track you, find out all about you and of course, infiltrate you.  I admit it took me a little while but it has totally been worth it.”

“You mean for me…to lose…”

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