Hollowed Out

“Did you hear something?”

Roberson looked at him.  Checked the bedrooms.  The front door.  He shook his head.  Tyler could be one paranoid kid sometimes.  He loved his company and he had one hot cousin Roberson knew he would soon have relations with.  He returned to the living room prepared to slap Tyler on the back of the head like usual.

The .22 slug caught him square in the throat.

Roberson reached in the drawer of his desk for his 9 mm but it was not there.  He fell to one knee as Tyler stood over him.

“You really like my cousin.  Huh?”

Roberson looked up at him.  He didn’t look like a madman.  He didn’t look like a gangster.  He looked like a kid who worked at a coffee shop.  With a hot cousin.

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