Hollowed Out

“All clear.”

Roberson nodded to them and knew the drill.  He’d been assigned this duty himself once.  One agent would sit outside the door for six hours and the other would come up to relieve him after sitting outside in the car the same amount of time.  This really couldn’t stop a very determined person, but it was an effective deterrent.  After all, most crimes can’t be prevented.  Just cleaned up after.  This way the chances were cut down at least a little.  He nodded to the door agent and stepped inside.




Three years passed.  Four.  Four and a half.  The killer of agents Bundrage and Marcum remained uncaught.  Of course, he could have been in jail for some other offense or dead.  Roberson had cleared his mind of it as best he could.  New friends had come into his life, but they were civilians.  He hadn’t been close to an agent since.  And in other good news, Butters had retired.  Life was sweeter these days.

He’d just finished up another week of work.  Some bomb threat had been called in the day before, but turned out to be nothing.  He settled into his now unguarded apartment for a little time with his friend Tyler.  Tyler had come along a few years after the killings.  He worked at a coffee shop then.  Roberson went there often and they got to be friends.  As of late, Roberson had started to date Tyler’s cousin Marie.  She was gone for the weekend.  The boys were going to get some drinking and Call of Duty done.   Tyler took a swig of his Corona as Roberson settled in next to him.

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