The light hadn’t changed, and the traffic still hurtled by.  The bus passed before me, and I inhaled its hot diesel breath as it went by.

Before I turned to see who had grabbed me, I looked across the street, through the traffic, and I saw him still there.  But he wasn’t excited any more, wasn’t barking at me.

He spared one disappointed look back at me before turning and padding his way into the forest of legs and feet…disappearing.

“Whoa, buddy,” said a large young man dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, his hand still pressing down on my shoulder as if I might dart back out into the street. “Wherever it is you’re so hot to get to, you might want to wait.”

Thanking him, I crossed the street when the light finally did change, under the man’s careful watch, spent a few minutes looking down a block or two before giving up.

I missed the meeting.

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