And there he was.

I didn’t need to look at my watch.  I knew the time, knew it as if it were the time of my own birth.

More clearly than the two times before, he stood outlined against the stark emptiness of the farmer’s field on the other side of the road.  I could make him out plainly, even though the light was fading and his coat was black.

I could see his sparkling eyes, the ripple of the wan light on his coat; his short, double-curled tail wagging, eager.

Standing, I went to the deck rail, put my hands on it, gripped it tightly to ensure that I was awake, that this wasn’t a dream or a weird fugue state.  As if to offer proof, a splinter slipped into the mound of flesh where my thumb met my palm, and I knew I was awake.

Then, he moved, and my heart leapt inside me.

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