As it did, I saw him…God, it was him!...tilt his head at me and pull his loose lips into a doggy smile.  Then, he turned his head and dashed forward.

Come here!

Breathing hard now, I inched the car closer, watched as he fell back beside the passenger side front tire.  I could see him sprinting along the side of the road, through splashes of sun that lit his black fur in vivid blue patches, then into shadow where he seemed to loose substance.

I lifted myself out of me seat, craned my neck to see him.

Lord, lord…it was him…there was just no doubt now…

And as I thought that, he turned his head toward me, still running full tilt, and I saw his eyes for the first time. They weren’t sad or empty as I’d seen them last, but bright and eager and full of life as they’d been when he was…

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