And we wanted to do something, some small thing to honor that love, in the chance…no, the hope, however slim, that pet would know, know in a way that perhaps we’d been unable to communicate to it in life, that it was loved.


I saw him again a few days later, as I was driving home from work.

I’d turned onto the road that leads to my house after a long day at work spent trying to catch up from everything I’d been avoiding since his death.  It had been a busy, harrowing day, the more so as I realized just how much had slipped past me that week.

The radio was on, an afternoon drive show, and the weather was forecast to be sunny and cool tomorrow.  I was not paying attention; having driven this length of road so many times I didn’t think it necessary.

The day was bright and cool, as the radio had just promised tomorrow would be, and something caught my eye keeping pace with the car on the passenger side…

I stomped the break, swerved left, and the blur shot out in front of the car, still on the right margin of the road, paused.

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