Here Today, Guam Tomorrow

Thursday, September 7, 1972 - NYPD Ninth Pct. - 2300 hours

“So tell me again, this time like you’re explaining it to a five year old,” Patrolman Lorenzo De Frenzo, Shield # 13077 said, staring at the man sitting on a broken chair in the 124 Clerical Room of the NYPD’s Ninth Pct. Station House.

Quinten Bialy started to explain his story again, as slowly and as methodically as he possibly could. Patrolman De Frenzo’s initial, professional and correct decision stood: “The missing person, a male caucasian, 30 years old, Bella Berousky, was not Quinten’s relative, but was his roommate, even so, Quinten could not report him missing.” That fact was already explained during the first minute of their encounter, re: NYPD Policy.

“Even if youse guys are roommates and even if youse, and I’m not sayin’ youse are, rectal rangers, you still can’t report Bella missing, only a relative can,” Patrolman De Frenzo added.

“But it ain’t enough that he’s missing, it’s how he’s missing, even though I know where he is now and he knows where he  is now,” Quinten insisted. “And me and Bella ain’t no homosexuals!” he added under his breath with mild contempt.

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