Half Souls

The last house they saw was more than four miles back and the road ahead looked deserted. Their only shelter from the rain was in the house they now stared at.

Sam dragged the bags as he continued toward the house. Cynthia tagged along unwillingly. In the house, a light appeared at the top window. It lingered for a minute, and then it disappeared.

“Someone is home,” Sam said.

Cynthia looked at Sam, then at the house and back at Sam. The light appeared by the window a second time, and Sam could see the frame of a woman. He tried to wave at her, but the light disappeared again.

The stairs creaked as Sam and Cynthia climbed to the front door. Sam knocked on the door while Cynthia looked around them.

By the northern side of the house, Cynthia saw a swing move up and down as if someone sat on it. Lightning struck and Cynthia saw a child on the swing. The child stared at her.

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