Gray Cell Blue

“You wanted vengeance, Christopher. That wrath is for God, alone.” Father Muldoon’s gaze stayed down, away from Chris.

“You’re goddamn right I wanted vengeance. And didn’t I deserve it? Didn’t Jimmy deserve it? Didn’t that piece of shit deserve it for putting his hands on an innocent child?” Spit flew from his mouth as Christopher’s face turned red and swollen.

“No,” Muldoon said, weakly. “It’s not for us to judge…”

“No.” Chris’s voice had gone flat and calm. “No, not for us to judge. Only God, right? Well, I chose to judge. I judged and found him guilty.” Chris looked down at the floor. “But you wouldn’t give him up. You sent him away. Away for his safety.”

“For his salvation, Christopher!” The priest’s eyes darted with conviction toward Chris, but then quickly fell back to his feet. “He went to serve his penance in a place where he could be helped. Where his future could be saved.”

“Like Jimmy’s was?” Tears began to well up in Chris’s eyes and he wiped them away quickly, turning to face the back wall of the cell. He could hear Father Muldoon’s breath slow.

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