Gray Cell Blue

“He was in shock, Christopher. You couldn’t expect him to have all of his faculties after what happened.” Muldoon’s speech quickened a bit as he spoke. “You can’t know what he was thinking, what he was going through.”

“Oh, I have a pretty good idea, Father.” Chris turned his trashcan upside down and used it as a makeshift stool to sit on. “And where were you, Father? When I came to you, asked you for help, where were you?”

“I was there, Christo-“

“Bullshit! Do you have any idea how hard it was to get Jimmy to talk? How scared he was? It was two months before he finally told me the name of the priest that did it. He wouldn’t leave the house, wouldn’t leave his room, for Christ’s sake.”

Father Muldoon shifted a bit on the bed, trying to find a more comfortable position.

“And I came to you, and I spilled it all to you, knowing Jimmy didn’t want anyone to know. But I wanted to see that man pay. Pay for what he did to a sweet, trusting eleven year old boy.”

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