Grand Guginol

Rhames came ‘round slow, groaning while the last a’ the crowd walked out for the night. I’d slipped in during the last act, nearly tripping o’er the dead manager. An orc had taken his place at the spotlight, but outside a’ a hard stare, didna ask me ‘bout me business or the body. In this neighborhood, it weren’t smart to ask too many questions ‘less you’s getting paid. He’d cleared out by the time the Hierophant woke up.

“Damned lich,” he muttered. “When I get my hands on him--”

“Took care a’ him already,” I told him, keeping me right hand behind me. “Lucky he didna suck your life out ‘stead a’ trying to cave yer skull.”

“How…did you handle it?” Rhames asked, rubbing his sore head.

“Grandda had one other thing ‘sides the lich’s habits and features in his journal, a handy exorcism incantation that I memorized a few hours ago.”

“Then it’s over,” Rhames said, sighing with relief.

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