Grand Guginol

Manure is the perfect people repellant, so the alley was just as deserted as last night. When we stopped, Bart said, “Turn around.”

When I did as I was told, he said, “I either over or underestimated you, Mr. Grimstone. I thought that you were just a gold hustling snoop whose primary motive was survival and yet you couldn’t just let the case your dead client brought you go. Why?”

“I want to know why gold promised didna wind up in me pocket,” I said. “So why did you kill Phillips?”

“I didn’t.”

I blinked.

“No, Mr. Grimstone,” Bart said. “I am a good many things, as you have seen, but I don’t take credit for someone else’s kill. He was quite dead by the time I visited his shanty. It was no suicide, of course, so I had to make the necessary arrangements to make it ruled as such.”

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