Grand Guginol

“But the lich doesn’t like bein’ hunted, so Ferrarei gets the dirt nap treatment. Inquisition finds out ‘bout his translation work an’ lock down as much of the music as they can. Ferrarei was probably his Inquisitor name, seein’ as I couldna find hide nor hair a’ it at the birth an’ death registries.”

Nodding, Rhames said, “The theory makes sense…as far as it goes. But there are still a lot of  unknowns to account for, not the least of which whether we are actually dealing with a lich and not someone or something else.”

“Just thought a’ something,” I said. “If this music’s so powerful, why’d our alleged killer leave it wit’ Phillips? Nobody’d have missed it, including me.”

“Perhaps he was trying to flush out anyone else Phillips was in contact with who might have had the missing sheets,” the Hierophant said, tapping his chin wit’ his pointer. “The strategy runs the risk of losing the one set, but the possible outcome could be at least one more set would be located.”

“Looks like Mr. Ferrarei is a dead end to getting closer to Phillips’ killer,” I said. Then it hit me.

“Say, what if we were to have one little piece of this music we’ve got played, lyrics included, at the Elysium tonight? If he’s there, might flush him out.”

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