Grand Guginol

“Here we are,” I said. “Lichs, intelligent aftergangers who need to feed on souls, wears a mask glamour to hide as a man. They canna learn any new skills. Considerin’ most a’ these bastards are sorcerers, probably don’ think they need to.”

“I’m surprised that you have such a handy occult resource at your disposal,” Rhames said.

“Well, it was me Grandda’s and, besides that, things like that are more likely to hunt ‘round here than anywhere’s else.”

“Feeding regularly from, say, a Grand Guginol theater patron?”

I nodded. “Makes sense. All sorts wind up there, includin’ the type what won’t be missed. So how does Ferrarrei fit into this picture? I wouldna think he’d be the lich.”

“He could have been a Mithraic Inquisitor on the lich’s track. If he was any student of history, he would probably know about the song cycle and try to get it translated to a more readable copy.”

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