Grand Guginol

“This still doesn’t explain why the Inquisiton wiped ‘em out or why Phillip would have gotten killed for getting curious.”

“If I’m reading these lyrics correctly, each song heightens the singer’s awareness of the song’s subject. One thing nature does not do is lie, which would have offended the missionaries even more. But you have a valid point. This song would have allowed Mr. Phillips and his audience see life in all its splendor.”

The coldness crept back to my spine. “Or maybe let him and everyone else see something that acted like it was alive, but wouldn’t?”

The ol’ elf had absolute terror in his eyes but still managed to say, “Like, say, a vampire?”

“When it comes to the undead, there’s more than just ‘em. Me Grandda used to make a pretty good livin’ huntin’ ‘em down. That Inquisitor said somthin’… ”

That made me think a’ Grandda’s journal. I pulled it out from a pile a’ papers on the desk. The journal had leather tabs sewn into the tops a’ the pages to separate the different critters, each marked wit’ a rune. I picked one towards the back, an angry slit a’ an eye wreathed in lightning.

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