Golden Oldies

I dread to find out what happens when Ma gets the lowdown from Chrissie.  I expect I’ll be seeing you shortly.  Ma might even be stomping over to see you.

Regards, Ron

After finishing reading the note, Charlie hummed a song off key, signaling that he was sifting clues through his thoughts.  Those gold coins could bring trouble in the shape of somebody claiming them as the owner.  Real ownership could be a touchy subject.

His curiosity in high gear, Jimmy figured now was a good, better than good, time to urge opening the box.  “Let’s see the gold coins inside the box again.  Maybe they’ll tell us a story that’ll benefit Ron and Chrissie?”

Before Jimmy finished talking, Charlie grabbed the box and opened it.  It was over two thirds full of $2.50 Indian head quarter eagle gold coins.  “My guess, Jimmy, is these are loot from some long ago robbery.  Maybe you can find something over the Internet?  Could Chrissie’s mother be mixed up in anything illegal?  It’s no wonder Chrissie got scared when Ron told her he’d unearth the black box.”

Jimmy said, “The Internet was the first place I checked.  Except for a couple of mentions of gold coins, there’s nothing much so far.   It looks like one coin is worth close to five hundred dollars.  I think I’ll put the black box in the chest in a bedroom.”  He picked it up and lugged it into the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

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