Golden Oldies

Charlie my friend,

I need someone I can trust to keep the black box under cover for the time being.  While I was working on the job here at Chrissie’s, I found an old map stuffed back in a wooden cabinet in one of the cabins.  I got curious and followed the directions.   I guess I got detective blood in me like you, Charlie.  Anyway, I found the black box buried under the icehouse.  It could a been there for ages.  Since you’re here, I thought I’d give you the box for sleuthing and safekeeping.  Being a detective, you’ll probably look inside.  It’s full of a couple hundred old Indian head U.S. gold coins back from the 1920’s. I bet they’re worth plenty, or as you’d say “a king’s ransom.”

I told Chrissie about the stash.  She got real scared and shook. I thought she’d faint.  Chrissie’s mother wasn’t there.   Her mother, Chrissie the first, is a former burlesque showgirl.

Charlie knew about Chrissie the first.  Charlie put the note aside.  Ma Harker always winked at him and called him “big boy”.  She was into hugging and gave him a hearty hug whenever she could get close enough.  He picked up Ron’s note again.

Her mom is a sweet little lady, most of the time; but she can be gruff and tough as nails, Harker was her married name and Lucas was her husband.  Ma Harker told my boss, Chrissie, that years ago gangsters used to hide out at the resort. Could the black box and gold coins be that old?

Chrissie thinks we should just bury the black box where it was and not tell nobody and leave well enough alone, in case some gangster returns for the gold coins.  I told her that you have it for the time being.

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