Golden Oldies

Jimmy Chief walked into the living room while balancing a bowl of cereal in one hand and a cup in the other hand.  He said, “Figure out any thing more about the black box filled with those old gold coins in it, Dad?”

The twelve inch square black box sat on the coffee table in front room of the log cabin at Chrissie’s Resort on Squaw Lake.  The Northern Wisconsin resort was one of the favorite R and R haunts for the two six foot tall Native American detectives.  They had known Chrissie and her curmudgeon mother for years.

However, their vacation had been interrupted.  Their friend, Ron Soaring Eagle, left the black box with the Chiefs along with the story behind it.

Charlie looked up from the couch at Jimmy.  “Only what Ron wrote in the note before rushing off.   We should get the rest of the story from Ron tomorrow.  He said he’ll be back for the black box.  He trusted us with all these gold coins, and I trust his word.  We’ve been friends ever since we called the reservation our home.”

Charlie referred to the Ojibwa Reservation near the Chippewa Flowage in Northwestern Wisconsin.

Jimmy sat down on a comfortably broken-in La-Z-Boy chair.  “That takes you two back to the days when you were kids on the reservation, even before you met Mom.  Wonder what’s with all those gold coins?  It’s not your birthday and Christmas is months away.”

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