God's Flashlight Beam

‘Good morning,’ said Andy striding purposefully into the small pharmacy, and straight in behind the counter.

‘What’s so good about it?’ said the young pharmacy assistant looking up from the magazine she was reading.  She began to say ‘It’s raining’ but observed the sun was now shining brightly outside, so she said, ‘It was raining a minute ago.’

‘It’s only water,’ replied Andy casually as he lay the box he was carrying on the floor.

The young girl studied Andy as he cheerfully went about his business and wondered about him.  She hated people who were happy all the time; it was so unnatural.

Handing her a copy of the invoice, Andy said, ‘Have a good day. See you later.’

She realised as he left that he was dry.  How could he be completely dry when it had poured buckets of cold rain all morning?  She was still shaking her head in disbelief when the telephone rang to distract her.

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