GenGhis Khan's Massage

Ralph’s funeral was exciting.  Her first.  So different than Chinese funerals.  Everyone looking sad — except to her it was a celebration.  His family and a few friends each put their arms around her.  His brother-in-law murmured, “At least you’ll be well taken care of.”

“I think so,” she said.  “Ralph was cheapskate and put all his money into bonds and stocks.”

After she placed a flower on Ralph’s chest in the coffin, his lawyer took her arm.  He was another old guy with a name she couldn’t remember.

“Mei-Lin, I have something to tell you.”  He nodded his head in embarrassment.  “Some news you should know.”

“What you tell me?  Ralph have secret wife?  Why you act funny?”

“No.  Not another wife.  But he left all his money — close to a million — to a couple of heart associations.  You get the house and a small annuity, but none of his financial assets.  That’s all going to charitable foundations.”  He walked away, his head bobbing.

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