GenGhis Khan's Massage

He screamed, “Stop it, goddam it!  Call the hospital!  I’m having a heart attack!”

Mei-Lin continued to depress the device in her palm, shooting the signal through centimeters of bone separating it from her husband’s heart.  “Should I call Dr. Abernathy?” she asked.  “Or the police?”

“Call anybody!  Call 911!”

Mei-Lin cupped her chin in her hand.  “I maybe use my cell phone, but I think the battery is low.  I better go in kitchen.  Use the wall phone.”

“Goddamn it!” Ralph was screaming as the weight of a pickup truck crushed his heart.

“Okay, I have to think where I put the phone.  Oh,” she said, as if remembering his question, “Genghis Khan, he was warrior who take no prisoners.”

*  *  *

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