Frank and Elvis

It had been one long night for a man who’s used to getting to bed by ten so that he could be at his desk bright and early preparing for the day’s class. But the school year ended a week ago and this was his vacation. He never intended it to start this way, but there it was.

Mike opened the right rear passenger door and pulled the red picnic blanket off of the still breathing child molester. The man’s blackened eyes opened slowly and immediately caught the look in Mike’s own eyes. He made a feeble attempt to kick him away but only succeeded in losing more blood. The man gurgled something incoherent and closed his eyes again. Mike lifted the can and rapped it a few times on the inside of the door jamb, each time sloshing a bit out the top. The man jerked awake again and weakly thrashed about losing even more blood through multiple .38 caliber holes in his body. He kept thrashing while Mike washed down the Caddy's interior. The young teacher tossed the empty can on the child molester's chest and smiled at him when he pulled his trusty old zippo lighter out. Elvis hit his stride with Viva Las Vegas and Mike joined in at the chorus as he flipped the lighter open. Elvis...was about to leave the building.

Mike never thought about it again. The beating, the slow reload, the pleading, the screams, the roasted marshmallows or that drive through the smelly desert with Frank and Elvis.


I'm a retired truck driver and life long artist. I enjoy reading, writing, playing guitar, hunting wild boar, camping, building black powder rifles and riding motorcycles. I'm happily married to my first wife and have three grown sons and three dogs. I was born and raised in northern California and a Navy vet serving on the USS John Hancock DD 981.

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