Forgotten Memories

Detective Greg Warren stood over the limp body laying beside the back entrance to McGregor’s Bar and Grill.  Dirty and bloody, it was hard to believe that this was once a man.  He stooped down beside the body so that he could shine his light on the man to get a better view.  The beard on the man covered the premature wrinkling of a face that had seen a hard life.  Warren tried hard to recognize the man but the dim lighting in the alley made it difficult to make out many features.

“We better get him to the morgue so that the ME can examine the body,” he said to the uniformed officers standing behind him. “It looks like he was beat to a pulp by someone.”

As Warren moved aside, the ambulance pulled up and the EMTs brought out a gurney.  The techs carefully placed the body on the gurney and lifted it into the open van.  The interior lighting illuminated the man and showed him to actually be someone who was probably in his early 30’s.  Warren froze as he finally got a closer look at the victim.

“Stop!  Hold up for a minute.”  Warren pulled open the back door of the ambulance and got right in.  It couldn’t be.  It just couldn’t be.

But it was.  Lying on the gurney was the body of Luke Joseph, a classmate of Warren’s from Shelbyville High.  Warren hadn’t seen the man since high school graduation, a graduation that Luke Joseph had been tossed out of due to various behavioral issues at that event.  Luke Joseph had been the high school bully and his actions finally caught up with him on that day.

How had Joseph’s life come to this?  Was the killing part of something that had gone wrong with someone from the small town of Shelbyville, Kentucky?  Or was this possibly the result of Joseph’s involvement with thugs from Louisville or perhaps St. Louis?  Warren had a lot of questions and no answers.

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