For Rome

This cannot be righteous.

I do not want to do this.

And yet still I kept marching on. I could do nothing else. To turn back would mean certain execution as a traitor, to go forward meant kill or be killed. I thought us Romans were above such barbarous dilemmas!

So, terrifically powerless in the middle of my cohort, I marched on, our war-drums booming with each step, the great walls of Carthage looming ever-larger before us. Even the Gods would shrink before such high walls! I looked to the siege towers at the head of the legion; they were swaying precariously as they trundled over the uneven African terrain. Are they feeling the same as I?

A great black bird soared through the blue above us, a serpent in its beak. The augurs knew that this signified either good or bad fortune, but I could not remember which. One thing I was sure of was that the Carthaginians would no doubt have their own interpretation of such an event.

Just as individual enemies became discernible atop the walls, their chanting became audible. Strong voices, like many Romans. The tune was even quite pleasant. Perhaps these aren’t so barbarous after all...

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