Fishing with Dynamite


There had been seven clay explosive balls left.  There must have been twenty five detonators.  Lewis pushed in multiple detonators per each ball, lined the balls along the midline of Jack’s barely breathing body.  Lewis placed them on the Chakras points.  The seven sites of consciousness on the body.  Lewis took yoga once.  It was as spiritual as Lewis ever got.  Lewis covered Jack with leaf litter and wood debris.  The detonators would ignite with fire and then set off the clay explosive balls.

When Lewis put the burning log on the pile, Lewis thought he heard Jack say, “Thank you!”

“You are Welcome honey.”  Lewis said as he ran back to get behind the car.  Lewis had no idea what the explosive force would be like.  Jack apparently could do one thing really well in his life, the explosion was massive.  But the car was small, too small to stay securely on the ground.  The shock wave flipped the car over so it crushed Lewis lying behind it.  Lewis’ last thought was, “Shoulda got a bigger car!”

The car fire kept the Hulk and his family away from the site for about an hour, but not any longer.  They liked cooked meat too.



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