Fishing with Dynamite

“I know.  Go out with a bang?”  Lewis sighed.  “Heard that too many times before.”

Jack whispered.  “Blow me up with  her.  Loved that girl.”  Jack pointed with his enormous left hand to the fishbone covered bank.  “Make it the best of booms.  Use it all!”  Jack’s usual crazy eyes were so much crazier.  “Blowed up good!  Tell people Jack blowed up good!”  Jack’s breathing rasped.  “Please!”  Jack demanded.

“Never could refuse a request from a friend.”  Lewis then drug the wheezing Jack over to the lake.

“Hurry?”  Jack whispered.  “Want to be able to see the explosion first hand.”

“Right!”  Lewis realized he was crying.  Lewis hated it when he cried.  “Getting your pants.”

Jack giggled at this statement.

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