Fishing with Dynamite

“Should of gotten a cell phone.”  Lewis had not been a medic in Iraq but he had seen horrors occur relating to untreated wounds.  Jack and he were friends now.  He didn’t want such things to happen to his only friend.  Making friends was much harder than making a fire.

“Track you with those damned things.”  Jack carefully touched his reddening appendage.  His forearm was expanding too.

“Lake water looks dirty.  Why I boiled it.”

“I’ll be alright.”  Jack cleared his throat roughly.

“Like you were alright in LA?”  Lewis drank the hot water.  They didn’t have any coffee and the chicory root coffee that Jack made didn’t interest him much.  It didn’t taste like coffee at all.

“Like you were alright too?”  Jack drank the chicory.  It reminded him of his teens.  He then remembered he had brought a girl out here.  She shouldn’t have gotten so resentful.  “She must be still around here?”  Jack looked around along the lake bank.  “Yeah, over there where the Hulk and his family been eating all the fish.”

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