Fish Hook

Fine blonde hairs on taught limbs moved in the breeze. The door slammed down as the breeze left them and they were alone in the dark cold space where they no longer kept a car. The last of the day’s light reached them from beneath the metal door where it barely met the concrete below.

Back inside the house, a girl bent forward, opening the red velvet cape as she did so to create the effect of a curtain closing. A smaller, toga clad girl twirled around on one foot and stopped breathless, smiling widely up at her sister.

“Esther! Was I good, Esther?” she asked. Eyebrow raised, the girl threw off her cape and wrapped her arms around the breathless, warm bundle.

“Yes Aria. You were good. Now, we’d better get changed for dinner.” Esther folded the cape and helped untie the material at Aria’s shoulder.

“When will we show mummy and daddy our play?”

“When it’s ready. We need one more practice first I think” she answered authoritatively. The girls ambled through to the kitchen, adjusting their clothes while they sniffed the air. “The oven’s not even on!” Esther frowned and walked over to the back door, pulled it open wide and looked out toward the garage. When she heard no sounds, she took a step forward, but Aria put her hand out in front of her sister’s legs.

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