Fires of Gehenna

“Roger, Blue 4, location of target?”

I want to say that I know. I want something to shoot. “Negative, Blue leader, I have no target.” Like everyone else, my radar is useless, and all other sensory equipment, the infra-red, the thermal imaging, is pinging back normal. That’s when I notice something even worse. “Blue leader, the ground is black, all power is out. Are we still negative from command?”

“Roger that, we are negative from command.”

This is when you assume command is gone, and you’re all that survived.

I toggle my night-vision, and the black is all-consuming to my naked eyes. With ground power compromised, I lose the location of the horizon, my fighter veering. My displays go active, flashing locational coordinates for an unknown object, then calculating several programmed escape patterns to elude the aircraft, including a list of re-engagement opportunities.

“Blue leader, they’re check 6 at X-46, 39-delta.”

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