Fires of Gehenna


A SR-19 is a fully stealth, long-distance, air superiority aircraft. Specifically designed as a patrolling, engagement, and neutralization apparatus for the entrenched border zone, it’s virtually silent under cruising speed, and ballistic in battle. At Mach 2, generated from dual RE-24 core-reactor engines, it delivers back-up to any skirmish, where its pin-point thrust-vectoring will out-maneuver nimbler vehicles, allowing it to reposition on both surface or air attackers. With a munitions payload including twin 20-caliber Gatling canons, 4 long-range Spurcer rockets, and 4 “Pucks” missile bays, paired with onboard aeronautics, including visual recognition software, used for complicated, tightly-timed flight maneuvers, the SR-19 can single-handily annihilate enemy encampments, provide cover fire for ground ops, and, if you believe the top brass, be the sole armament necessary to win the war.

It’s the United Earth Military’s finest jet fighter, and it’s important you know all of this.

Because I’m about to die in one.



The enemy fire lays in by surprise.

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