Fired Up

“So.”  The manager turned back to Josh.  “You work in a bank where there’s just been a robbery, but you want to stay below the cop’s radar?”

Josh looked up, saw the detective looking for another witness now, skipping number eight and looking for Josh.  Josh saw the manager looking at him and he needed a story, needed something now.

“Yes, sir.  I’m really a private investigator, sir.  I took this job because I need the money.”

“Got a license you can show me?”

“No, sir, I’m kind of unofficial.  That’s why I’d prefer to stay anonymous.”

“Yeah, I bet. Unlicensed private detective who can’t pay the bills, and is afraid of the cops.  Good luck with that.  I think we’ll just let the police do their job.”  He turned away, said back over his shoulder, “Good eye, just the same.”

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