Fired Up

The lawyer held up his hand to Johnson, but Josh saw an opening.

“Coffee is a sacred drink to my people. It is the water of life for me, the source of all movement.  We have proudly shared it with the white man.”

“I thought you people preferred something stronger,” said Johnson, and the lawyer shook his head furiously but too late.  Josh’s price had gone up.

“And now this racism,” Josh said calmly.  “The true source of our problem here.”

“The problem is you won’t work,” said Johnson, standing up.  “The problem is I’ve got a boatload of jobs that need to be done, and you’re just dragging us down…”  The lawyer held up his hand and interrupted.

“None of which you’ve documented, Mr. Johnson.”  He turned to Josh, smiling again.  Amazing the problems that can be solved if we all just smile.  Smile, and offer money.  “Joshua, I think we all have the same interests here.  We all want to see that the values shared by this company and your forefathers are not damaged by a pointless, bitter, public struggle.  Clearly, we no longer have a position available at this company, but clearly we want to treat you fairly.  Would $2000 help you find a position more suited to your talents?”

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