Fired Up

“You know, I could use a detective, an unlicensed detective sort of, do jobs other people can’t.”

Josh still stared, looking at the door.  He needed to fail this job interview.

“What you charge?” asked the manager.

“Five hundred dollars a day, plus expenses.”  There, that ought to do it.  He had seen that on Mayor’s TV, thought it was absurd then and sounded even more like a joke now, coming out of his mouth. No straight citizen would pay that.  But the manager just looked back like he’d told him the price of a hamburger.

“Sounds about right.  Look, my brother’s got an eighteen year old daughter disappeared three days ago.  Cops aren’t interested, say she probably just ran off.  Plus they don’t like my brother too much.  So my brother’s got a couple of his guys looking into it, but they’re bozos, plus they’re not going to tell him anything he doesn’t want to hear because they’ll get hurt cause that’s what my brother does for my dad, hurts people.

“Come up with an address for her by the end of the week, and I’ll pay your five hundred a day.  Actually get my niece back home, and I’ll double it.”  He handed Josh a card.  “Deal with my brother’s wife; it’ll be better for you.”  He started to walk away and then came back.

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