Fired Up

Josh looked around, nervous, screwed now, no help.  The detective is looking for him; somebody else in another room is probably pulling his application even now.  He thinks about running, a calculated risk sure to draw attention but if he can get through the door, maybe even get to another city, find another bar, maybe he can start over.  It’s more than he can handle, just thinking about it.

Bang.  There’s an explosion in the assistant manager’s office.  The texting detective, leaning in the office door, looks in and sees red paint everywhere and a hole in the ceiling.  He pulls his gun but there’s no threat there, no one in the office, just an answer or the start of an answer anyway.  The dye pack has gone off, finally, where the money and clothes and guns were stashed in the ceiling.  The assistant manager makes a break for the door but everyone is on edge now and they wrestle him to the ground.  Maybe running wasn’t such a good idea.

The investigation’s over and he’s safe now.  They’ll stop bringing in witnesses, stop collecting employee records.  The detectives have an easy job now, and Josh has an easy out.  Stay quiet, they’ll send people home.  Call in tomorrow too traumatized to come back to work.  May even make some money here. He eases towards the door.

“Charlie Chan?”  The manager has come up behind him.  He thinks about correcting him, decides, no, get this over with fast.

“Thinking about what you said.”

Josh just stared at him politely, his feet already pointed to the door.

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