Escape The Reich

“Until we’re out of this territory, I don’t think it’s safe,” said the woman.

“Well Rachel,” chipped in Vince, “we’re really far from the prison and all those guards. It will take them at least twenty-four hours to get here. All we need is a couple of hours rest.”

“I understand your concerns, Rachel,” said Harris, “Let’s just rest for a few hours, put something in our stomachs and then be on our way.”

Rachel raised her hands in the air, exasperated and set off into the darkness, muttering something to herself.

Harris had intended to search for some wood and set up a fire, but he was too exhausted to get up on his feet. The same seemed to be the case for Harris.

Both men had spent very little time thinking about their fortune in finding an abandoned camp, but any notion of relaxation as immediately jarred from their exhausted thoughts when a loud scream brought them to their feet.

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