Easy Prey

Sarsha put on the surgical gloves that her uncle had handed to her.  She stood looking down at the figure on the table, and then her eyes shifted to the bench next to the table, which contained an assortment of medical instruments.  A camera faced the operating table and a red blinking light on the top of the camera seemed to wink at her.  Sarsha's heart began to hammer rapidly against her chest, but she took a deep breath and picked up a surgeon's scalpel.  Her hands began to shake and she hesitated for a moment.

But her uncle pushed her forward roughly. “Go on now, we need to get started.  The first time is always the hardest, you know.”  He laughed

Sarsha bent over the young man and gazed down into his eyes. “Hello Kenny.”




DJ Heath started her creative writing journey when she was a child. If she wasn't getting into trouble for day-dreaming or writing stories at school, she was writing and directing plays with her friends on the weekend. Her passion for writing stems from her love of reading  and some of her favourite genres are: crime thrillers, historical romance, and fantasy. As well as writing short stories, DJ Heath also writes screenplays, poetry, and is currently working on a 'magic realism' novel

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