Easy Prey

After the ferry and an additional bus ride, Sarsha walked up the steep hill that lead to her uncle's residence.  The dark brick house with its ivy-covered walls was hidden behind large black wrought iron gates that could only be opened by a security buzzer, and there was no sign that displayed the name of her uncle's business.  The gates swung silently open before Sarsha even pressed the security button.  She jumped in surprise but quickly walked up the stone path.

The red mahogany tint of the wooden front door glinted in the sunlight as her uncle opened the door.

“Hello Sarsha, nice to see you again.  Are you ready for your first day?” He smiled at her.

Sarsha felt a little apprehensive, but it was probably just nerves at starting a new job.

She stared up at him and nodded. “Yes Uncle Peter.”

He turned abruptly and led her down a long hallway.  At the end there was a black door, which seemed even darker against the stark white walls.  The door opened onto a windowless, padded room that had shelves lining the walls.  On the left side of the room there were shelves, which were full of bottles with strange liquid, and others that contained frogs and small rodents.  On the facing wall there were racks that held an assortment of sharp medical instruments, and in the far right corner, a small sink with brown stains.  In the centre of the room there was a steel table.  On the table's gleaming silver surface, a pale naked man was strapped down.  His lifeless blonde hair was matted with sweat and his brown eyes bulged with fear.  Although he had grey tape over his mouth, his muffled cries intensified when he saw Sarsha.

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