Easy Prey

Sarsha arrived at the ferry just as it was filling up with passengers. She took a window seat at the back of the ferry and gazed out of the window at the retreating wharf.  Her thoughts drifted back to Kenny.  Most of what she knew about him came from Annie - he had trouble holding down a job, and he loved gardening.  Annie fussed over him, but Sarsha tried to stay out of his way.

Whenever she saw Kenny in the hallway, he would stare at her, which made her feel uncomfortable. Once she was reading in the communal front garden, absorbed in her latest novel, when she looked up and was shocked to see him standing by her and looking down at her with a strange expression.

“Oh shit, Kenny you scared me!”

Kenny twisted his fingers together. His breathing started to quicken. “Sorry...I just...wanted to ask.  Are... are you...free tonight?”

Sarsha closed her book with a snap and quickly stood up. “Look, I've already told you before, Kenny. I'm not interested.”

This awkward interlude always ended with Kenny going red and apologising profusely and with Sarsha hurriedly retreating to the safety of her apartment.

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