Easy Prey

Annie beamed. “Ooh, that would be lovely.”

Sarsha started to leave but Annie grabbed her hand. “Sorry dear, I know you're in a hurry, but I've been really concerned about Kenny.  I haven't seen him around for a couple of days. He's usually pottering around in the front garden or hanging around waiting to see you.”  She winked. “I know he’s sweet on you."

Sarsha frowned. “I haven't seen him.”

Annie continued.“Well, it's very strange.  He's like clockwork, always badgering me for    newspapers most days.  I've knocked on his door a few times and there's no answer.”

Sarsha checked her watch. “I'm sure he's ok. He'll probably turn up.  I'd better go or I'll miss the ferry.”

Annie sighed. “Of course, dear.”  She shuffled back up the stairs to her apartment.

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