Easy Prey

Sarsha awoke to the sound of the blaring alarm clock.  She rolled over and tried to make out the time, but her vision was blurry, making the clock's digits difficult to see.  She sat up slowly and swung her legs over the edge of the bed.  Her bare feet hit something cold and looking down she saw a few empty wine bottles that were lying scattered on the floor.  Thoughts of the previous night's festivities rushed into her mind.  She was not much of party girl, but as she'd just turned twenty-one, she'd celebrated her birthday with two college buddies, Rita and Sammy, and the party hadn't finished until 2 a.m.  She knew that last bottle of champagne was a bad idea as her head felt like it was made of concrete. As she turned to peer again at the clock, the red digits seemed to flash accusingly – 7:15 a.m.

“Shit! I'm going to be late.”  She threw back the covers and raced for the shower.

Sarsha had just completed her Bachelor of Science and was about to start a job at her Uncle Peter's medical research centre. He had always been shrouded in mystery.  He was a 'confirmed bachelor', and whenever Sarsha's mother had ever mentioned him, which was not often, he was referred to in hushed tones, and she would go silent when Sarsha tried to ask more questions.  Sarsha had found a photo of him once, but when her mother saw her with it, she had torn it up, without an explanation. Uncle Peter was her mother's brother, and Sarsha had met him for the first time at her parent's funeral. Her parents had died in a car accident when she was twenty, and after the funeral service she had sat alone for most of the 'wake', with the family just approaching her briefly, and giving her their condolences and saying how sorry they were for her loss.  They had all drifted away to talk in groups, eat more food, drink more wine, and leaving Sarsha all to herself.  Uncle Peter seemed to materialise out of nowhere.  He was tall and thin, with short grey hair, and the same deep blue eyes as Sarsha.  His large frame had towered over her, and his eyes had brightened when Sarsha mentioned her interest in medical research.  He'd suggested that she contact him once she'd finished her university studies.

Sarsha now lived alone in a two bedroom apartment with her Burmese cat, Choccy.  She had purchased the property from the money that her parents had left in their 'will'.  The apartment was one of four in a unit complex.  Two of the other apartments were occupied, one by Annie, an elderly lady, and the other by Kenny, a young man with a mild intellectual disability.  Sarsha enjoyed the solitude of the small complex, and it was close to buses and the ferry was down at the bottom of the hill.  Sarsha's friend, Rita, had suggested that she should rent out the spare room, for extra cash, but Sarsha had said that she was happy. “It's just me and Choccy and that's the way we like it.”

Sarsha leant against the kitchen sink, eating her breakfast, and looked out into her tiny yard.  She felt something brush up against her legs. It was her Burmese at, Choccy.

“Good morning beautiful.”  She leaned down and tickled Choccy's ears as he purred affectionately.

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