Our group is a diverse group which is uncommon now. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, gay, lesbian, different religions, or lack of there, we're pretty much textbook diversity. The melting pot which the United States had struggled to be. We are an image of days past. We sit speaking in hushed whispers around the candle. We are trying to avoid any attention. Through my objections, the unnecessary source of light burns in front of us, beckoning unwanted eyes.

I have always been fascinated by the thought processes of others. I listened intently as they speak of the events that created the world of today. Seventeen people, with at times, vastly different perspectives of cause and effect. Basically it came down to two lines of thinking, the blamers and the self blamers. They blame the government, the media, ideology, racism, racial groups, the past, present, future and even blame themselves for their actions, inactions and even the actions of others. There was no shortage of blame here. A lot of anger and a lot of guilt all hushed in whispers. Several cry as they had each night since we banded together. After a short while there were glimpses of racial tension amongst us. We had promised each other to be better than this. The rumble of thunder startles the group. Composure was reestablished and some amongst the group began to pray, which for some reason, made me feel uncomfortable. I did not understand the nature of my reaction until later.

I glance out the window again. In the distance I can see fires ravaging the city only miles away. What we had thought was thunder was likely an explosion. There are at least four high rises engulfed in flames. In my mind I envision people leaping from the higher floors to their death like on 9/11, rather than to die in the fire. The thought was probably a reality. It was chaos there. Five in our group had escaped Phoenix two months prior. They were in shock when we found them. They were and still are a quiet group. When they do speak, they spoke as little as possible about their experience. James, a thirty year old muscular white man once told me "they did things,, to us, to me,, " and broke down into tears for hours never revealing exactly what happened. Even through the absence of his words, I knew what had happened. Little bits and pieces of their story from time to time would be divulged over the following weeks. It was enough to let us know that the city was the last place we wanted to go.

I remembered the reports of Marshall law, placed in effect, to stop the violence. For weeks it was all that aired on the news. That was before all forms of communication, television, telephones, Internet and print news abruptly ended. The power grids were attacked plunging the cities into darkness. It was the dawn of a new dark age.

In the beginning the suburbs where I resided retained a short lived period of normalcy. The unrest and violence spread across the nation like a plague sweeping from one large city to another. Two months into the disorder, the last news reports indicated that the violence had spread to twenty-three major cities. Detroit and Chicago had been reduced to ashes. Their inhabitants fleeing to the suburbs, and in some cases, areas of wilderness until a time when the chaos would end.

I recall the shock of the first week. Outwardly it appeared to be civil unrest in Detroit due to racial tensions. There was a lot of anger and hatred that had been long suppressed, not just in this city, but all across the United States. Over the years, many African-American men had died at the hands of the police. The reason for the death didn't matter to most, even if video evidence showed a police being fired upon, if the end result was the death of a Black man, the reason he died was racism. It started with two Black teens who were breaking into a house. The police showed up and one of the teens had a gun. The resulting shootout left both teens dead. Then began the demonstrations, the vandalizing, the arson and the violence. Within a week, the arsons intensified. There were reports that White supremacist were responsible, although it could have been other groups as well. In the days that followed, an all out race war had begun.

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