Dr. Fleming's Fatal Mistake

It was night when Alana drove to the Brighton Inn, a less-than stellar motel that was a favorite getaway destination for Jack Warden and his mistress, Sherry Taylor.  Alana parked, waited, and watched. Finally, the car she had been waiting for pulled into the motel's parking lot and Jack and Sherry got out and went into the motel.  Alana looked in the rear-view mirror and straightened her wig, took her shoulder bag, walked quickly into the motel, and got in line behind them.  As soon as she heard the hotel clerk tell Jack that he had room 132, she went to a couch in the lobby and watched Jack and his mistress went to their room. When they got in the room, Sherry took her overnight bag and went into the bathroom, and Jack quickly undressed and got into bed. A few minutes later, Sherry appeared wearing a sheer negligee and holding a pair of handcuffs.

"See what I have, baby?" she said holding up the cuffs.

"Oh, baby, do your thing," he said and Sherry slowly got on top of him, kissed him passionately, and cuffed him to the bed posts.

After thirty minutes, Alana went to their room, looked up and down the corridor, took a card from her shoulder bag, swiped it through the reader, and nudged the door open a few inches. Then, she put the card in her bag and took out her gun, tightened the silencer, slowly opened the door, entered the room, and closed the door.  As Alana closed the door, Sherry turned toward her, screamed, grabbed a blanket and covered herself as she jumped off the bed.

"Jesus, who the hell are you?  Waddaya want?"  Jack yelled and pulled at the handcuffs.

"Jack, she has a gun," Sherry screamed.

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